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Early Childhood Quality & Career Resources [Rolling Soft Launch – More Coming Soon!]

Scholarship Opportunities

Contact your local Early Childhood Council for possible scholarship opportunities! See below for details and contact info.



  • Partial scholarships based on financial need for all trainings are available but EXTREMELY LIMITED. Contact Melanie Soneson at or 720-274-8421


  • Trainings sponsored by the Denver Preschool Program (DPP logo on training page)  are FREE to DPP-related staff. This means they are free to individuals who meet BOTH of the following requirements:

    1. Work at a child care center or home that is part of the Denver Preschool Program (ask your director if you are not sure) AND in Denver County.

    2. Work in a classroom serving preschool-age children the year before they start kindergarten for any portion of the day (this includes support/floater staff) OR work in an administrative/supervisory role at the child care center

    When you are viewing a training page, if you don't see "Your Cost: $0" under the Market Rate, make sure you have updated your "Relationships" by clicking on the gear icon in the upper corner of the screen to include the correct organization and classroom(s). Director's make sure you are associated with at least one of the preschool classrooms at your site. To see at video of how to update this information, check out this help page. If you are not sure if you qualify as DPP-related staff, first discuss this with your director or owner. If you still are not sure, or if your organization is interested in joining the Denver Preschool Program, you can contact Demetria Martinez at or 720-274-8423. 


  • If your program participates in the Colorado Shines Quality Initiatives Program, you can access Basic Health and Safety Trainings (like CPR, Medication Administration, Standard Precautions, and Safe Sleep) for only $5 per registrant. Ask your director if you are eligible. All participating directors should have received exclusive coupon codes, and you can use the coupon code provided to your director at the time of checkout to receive this discount. If you are a director who has lost their code or did not receive one for some reason, please contact your QI navigator.